Anthony Tornambe

Anthony Tornambe

Anthony Tornambe is an expert in the field of financial reporting and accounting. Specializing in financial software and the family office space. Over 10 years dealing with high net worth families, consolidating reporting and investments reporting. A New York native who attended and graduated from The Ohio State University in 2000 with a degree in Economics. Proud father of two very special young ladies and proud husband to a very special woman. Anthony Tornambe was born in Ossining NY, lived in Columbus OH, New Rochelle NY, Tarrytown NY, Mount Kisco NY and Currently in Somers NY. Anthony Tornambe(at present in Stamford, CT) worked for a start up company called Greentrak out of college and it was at greentrak i cut my teeth in the financial reporting area…

  • Report directly to Managing Director in tracking and reporting on investments of high net worth family office including equities (long/short), options…

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Anthony Tornambe

Anthony Tornambe

Anthony Tornambe is born in Ossining New York and attended Ossining High School.  During his time in high school Anthony excelled in wrestling accumulating over 100 wins and earning himself all Section One honors.  Along with his two brothers Giovanni and Steven, the Tornambe’s issued an all-out assault on Section One for many years.  He gained interest from several major universities for wrestling and ended up in Columbus, Ohio at The Ohio State University.  Among other schools he was considering were:University of Connecticut (Stamford), Ithacaand the 3rd was Clemson.

Anthony TornambeAnthony Tornambe graduated from the Ohio State University in 2000 with a degree in economics and has since become an expert in the field of financial reporting and accounting.  Specializing in financial software within the family office space with over 10 years of experience dealing with ultra-high net worth families, consolidating reporting and investments reporting.   Anthony Tornambe also has…

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Rennie Bottali – Sheralee Bottali

Rennie Bottali

Successful Buxus by Rennie Bottali

Rennie Bottali suggests that professional potting soil will usually result in better growth because a sufficient amount of oxygen remains in the pot, which means the roots will not rot away. It is important to have good drainage at the bottom of the pot. Rennie Bottali said If you are not sure this is the case, you can always cut some more holes in the pot. When the plant is potted, you need to water it thoroughly.

Rennie BottaliRennie Bottali says there is no life without water. This is also true for your boxwood. The right amount of water depends on different elements, like the type of pot (clay or synthetic material), the type of potting soil, the weather condition etc. A plant in a clay pot will need more water because water evaporates through the sides.

Boxwood and other evergreen plants need to be watered…

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Rennie Bottali

Rennie Bottali

Rennie Bottali asks where are the home console ports of modern arcade titles

Rennie Bottali asks where are the home console ports of modern arcade titles? Just about every manufacturer social media page gets this question asked of them in some form although they tend to not answer since explaining it in details isn’t something that fits on a bumper sticker.

The quick answer is that there are various factors to consider due to how the arcade market works that makes it more involved than simply changing the control input and printing money from there.

Rennie BottaliCreative Flexibility: Rennie Bottali says when you create a game with a particular platform in mind, aspects of that platform can limit how the game operates in practice. There are limitations of the console hardware itself then the limitations of the controller. Manufacturers have expanded what controllers can do, especially with the WiiU but you still…

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Sean Kemery

With 15 years of results-driven experience on Wall Street, Sean Kemery currently serves as director and senior trader at Deutsche Bank in New York. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Outside of his professional obligations, Sean Kemery makes generous contributions to a variety of philanthropic causes, including Autism Speaks.


A charitable organization has created an urban farm in Chicago that provides agriculture training and employment to young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Using grant monies received from Autism Speaks and other organizations, Growing Solutions Farms, managed by the Julie and Michael Tracy Family Foundation (JMTF)/Urban Autism Solutions, turned a once-vacant piece of land on Chicago’s West Side into an acre-sized vocational and life training ground.

More than 30 young men and women from area schools and JMTF residents were hired as paid interns on the farm. Not only did the experience allow them to earn money, it also helped them to develop skills such as following a schedule, performing specific tasks, and asking for help when needed, which can assist in their transition to adulthood.

It also allowed them to conduct meaningful work by helping to produce more than 5,000 pounds of vegetables. Work on the farm has helped boost their self-confidence, which can support them as they navigate their lives.